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David in the studio making Our Oldest Soldier
David Blyth editing the acclaimed
2002 TV documentary ~ Our Oldest Soldier

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Ghost Bride DVD

Ghost Bride DVD cover

Ghost Bride is David Blyth's latest New Zealand horror film.

Death Warmed Up DVD

DVD Death Warmed Up

DVD Release

directed by
David Blyth

An ILA Film Productions & Mandela Pictures film

David Blyth's most recent horror film Ghost Bridge is now available on DVD. You can buy it here, direct from DavidBlyth.com for just $NZ 25.00 including postage.

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Angel Mine DVD Angel Mine DVD cover

Angel Mine is David Blyth's second film release and a social commentary that renewed calls for more censorship when it was released in 1978 in New Zealand.

An interesting fact often overlooked was that it fairly predicted the advent of the viagra revolution.

Angel Mine DVD - out of stock

Also attending the 90th Anniversary celebrations of the Liberation of Le Quesnoy are David's father and sister.

Family Album

Les Quesnoy November 2008

  • Photo one, family group at Le Quesnoy Railway Station, which my Grandfather helped to Liberate on November fourth 1918.
  • Photo two Mayor Paul and myself, Paul is Mayor of Le Quesnoy
  • Photo three My Grandfathers beret on display at the Le Quesnoy Town Hall
  • Photo four Group photo of Le Quesnoy Conference on final day..
  • Photo five Mayor Raymonde Dramez and myself in the Square named after my Grandfather in Beaudignies, nearby Le Quesnoy.
  • Photo six A portrait of my Grandfather in the Town Hall in Beaudignies

Our Oldest Soldier

We just received a newspaper cutting of an article reporting the Le Quesnoy engagement of Nov 4 1918 - a real historic find. Thanks to Andrew who sent it to davidblyth.com - he said:

"I think it was interesting how it was reported especially about the British aeroplane dropping Messages and the NZ commander sending two parties, both with German officers, pointing out the futility of further bloodshed. And how two War Correspondents were quoted. At the start of the Article was Mr Philip Gibbs and at the end Mr Beach Thomas. There is also a name for that famous drawing - Matania."

Our Oldest Soldier - London Screening

Centre for New Zealand Studies Birkbeck, University of London

Session 68
Wednesday 29 October 2008
B04, Birkbeck, 43 Gordon Sq.,
London WC1
British premiere of
Our Oldest Soldier (2002)
Introduced by the director, David Blyth

Ahead of Remembrance Sunday, CNZS presents a very special screening of David Blyth's acclaimed and moving documentary, Our Oldest Soldier. The film concerns David's grandfather, Colonel Lawrence 'Curly' Blyth, who died aged 105, and was New Zealand's oldest surviving soldier from the First World War.

Colonel Blyth was gassed and wounded in the First World War and was involved in the battle for the French town of Le Quesnoy. His heroic actions led to France awarding him the Legion d'Honeur, and to Le Quesnoy naming the local square in his honour. We are delighted that David will be available to introduce this film and answer questions post-screening.

French Connection

David Blyth has been awarded a grant to make "French Connection", a documentary about David's grandfather Colonel Blyth's relationship with the French town of Le Quesnoy, which recently celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the Liberation of the town by New Zealand soldiers during the last days of WW1.

More on the French Connection
French Connection Site
French Connection site

Armistice Day in Cambridge 2009

Armistice Day 2009 1
Jackson Blyth
Armistice Day 2009 2
(L to R) David Blyth, Jackson Blyth, ME M. Michel Legras (French Ambassador), Ms Averill, Colin Averill, Allan Livingstone (Mayor of Cambridge)
Armistice Day 2009 3
Jackson Blyth with French Officers.

David Blyth attended a Commemeration Service in Cambridge for the laying of wreaths by Representatives from the WWI allies in celebration of Armistice Day, and attended the Averill Family dinner.

David Blyth is currently in post production on a new documentary on New Zealand's association with Le Quesnoy called French Connection, the project has received generous support from the New Zealand-France Friendshp Fund New Zealand-France Friendship Fund