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David in the studio making Our Oldest Soldier
David Blyth editing the acclaimed
2002 TV documentary ~ Our Oldest Soldier

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Ghost Bride DVD

Ghost Bride DVD cover

Ghost Bride is David Blyth's latest New Zealand horror film.

Death Warmed Up DVD

DVD Death Warmed Up

DVD Release

directed by
David Blyth

An ILA Film Productions & Mandela Pictures film

David Blyth's most recent horror film Ghost Bridge is now available on DVD. You can buy it here, direct from DavidBlyth.com for just $NZ 25.00 including postage.

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Angel Mine DVD Angel Mine DVD cover

Angel Mine is David Blyth's second film release and a social commentary that renewed calls for more censorship when it was released in 1978 in New Zealand.

An interesting fact often overlooked was that it fairly predicted the advent of the viagra revolution.

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NZ Listener

New Zealand's respected arts and entertainment magazine carried a major feature in a recent issue about David Blyth and his New York Times reviewed film Bound for Pleasure.

"Blyth has reinvented himself as a maker of low-budget documentaries that TV eats up."
- Philip Mathews in NZ Listener


Richard Lymposs (Whole of the Moon) / David Blyth (Death Warmed Up) / David Parry (Bonjour Tomothy). Auckland ANZAC Weekend 2009

New Zealand LISTENER article

Cover date: June 27-July 3 2009 Vol 219 No 3607
"Thirty years ago, they were asking questions in Parliament about Angel Mine, now it's part of a series of New Zealand cinema classics.

"In 1978, David Blyth's first feature film, Angel Mine, took to local cinemas with the subtlety of a youthful, wildly aimed kick to the New Zealand psyche. This full-frontal assault on suburban neurosis, materialism and taboos about nudity still places highly on lists of the worst New Zealand film ever made."

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