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David in the studio making Our Oldest Soldier
David Blyth editing the acclaimed
2002 TV documentary ~ Our Oldest Soldier

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Ghost Bride DVD

Ghost Bride DVD cover

Ghost Bride is David Blyth's latest New Zealand horror film.

Death Warmed Up DVD

DVD Death Warmed Up

DVD Release

directed by
David Blyth

An ILA Film Productions & Mandela Pictures film

David Blyth's most recent horror film Ghost Bridge is now available on DVD. You can buy it here, direct from DavidBlyth.com for just $NZ 25.00 including postage.

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Angel Mine DVD Angel Mine DVD cover

Angel Mine is David Blyth's second film release and a social commentary that renewed calls for more censorship when it was released in 1978 in New Zealand.

An interesting fact often overlooked was that it fairly predicted the advent of the viagra revolution.

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US DVD release of WOUND Wound US Poster

Wound USA Release

Wound USA release

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Viscious Circle Films is a division of Breaking Glass Pictures. VOD Release as Beware the Beast: Wound.


Wound - latest

50 most controversial movie posters in film history

Wound's extreme (and banned) poster features in this list of extreme posters.

Wound images - Poster 5





Interview with David Blyth

David Blyth's return to horror in a new movie called WOUND


Major Northern Hemisphere Film Festivals have selected WOUND for their 2010 Line Up.

NZ International Film Festival

'David Blyth, director of Kiwi cult flicks Angel Mine and Death Warmed Up returns with Wound, which Incredibly Strange programmer Ant Timpson describes as "a shockingly supernatural tale of mental illness, bondage, incest, revenge and explicit graphic violence".' - NZ Herald

Ken Russell Review

A two-headed doll! Iron-phallused Pig-man stealth! Birthing your own twin! The nightclub of dream-wandering! If your family of origin doesn’t kill you, you may just make it. You will love Kate O’Rourke as she encounters her delirious, incestuous monsters of the id in this romantically charged Gothic psycho-sexual horror tale by my fellow enfant terrible David Blyth. Gorgeous images and repulsive dream-surgery into the recesses of female consciousness. Enter at your own peril! A masterpiece!
– Ken Russell

"fresh, grotesque, polarising and smart"
- http://www.flicks.co.nz/movie/wound/

"Clocking in at a lean, mean and bloody 75 minutes there is hardly a moment for rest as images of suffering, bondage and violence follow one after the other, repeatedly testing the fortitude of the viewer"
- Twitchfilm Review

"Rarely before have I had my senses so rubbed raw"
Hell Street Journal

This film is shocking, controversial, sick, depressing, and cruel.
- http://www.horrorphilia.net review

Wound Trailer

Knot Nine

Knot Nine sung by Rosie Riggir, end credits song from New Zealand Horror Film, WOUND, edited by Eddie Larsen, directed by David Blyth

Images from the shoot

Wound images - Susan and Tanya
Susan ( Kate O'Rourke ) fg, Tanya ( Te Kaea Beri ) bg Wound images - Tanya and Mistress Ruth
Tanya ( Te Kaea Beri ) fg, Mistress Ruth ( Sandy Lowe ) bg Wound images - Master John
Master John ( Campbell Cooley ) Wound images - Ian Mune and Crew
Ian Mune ( Dr Nelson ) on set with Kate O'Rourke by door, Director and crew Jan 2010 Wound images - Mistress Ruth
Mistress Ruth ( Sandy Lowe ) Wound images - Susan
Susan ( Kate O'Rourke ) Wound images - Director David Blyth
David Blyth Director of Wound

Wound - Gothic Parallels

Here are some of the characteristics of gothic fiction that parallel Wound elements: Madness, (especially feminine madness) family curses, a female in distress, a controlling, dominant male who compels the aforementioned disempowered female to do something against her will, an isolated manor house, an emphasis on a gloomy or foreboding atmosphere, ghosts or other supernatural creatures, doubles, secrets, graveyards or crypts, omens or visions, dreams or nightmares that are the wild current below the civilized, rational, or tamed, mind; characters who exhibit aberrant psychologies, or physiologies rituals, caves, caverns or hidden subterranean spaces, decay and death, mystery and the nocturnal and references to the medieval.


  • WOUND has been selected for the Horror Zone section in FANCINE, XX Fantastic Film Festival of the University of Málaga. ( Spain )
  • WOUND has been accepted into the Lausanne Underground Film Festival in Switzerland, and has been selected to be part of their International Feature Film Competition. October 20 - 24.
  • WOUND has also been accepted for the 'Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival' in Brugge, Belgium. November 2O1O
  • Montreal Fantasia Film Festival
  • World Premiere - NZ Tickets
  • New Zealand Film Festival

Call to Ban WOUND

A Kiwi horror film that shows an unconscious girl being raped by a man wearing a pig's head should be banned, say family values campaigners...

Interview with David Blyth

David Blyth, the director, writer and producer of WOUND responds to questions and reveals some of the the hidden secrets of the film. The analysis of the psychologial dimensions and real life horror in this interview Interview with David Blyth.

Wound - December 2009.

Shooting 9th - 31st January 2010

Wound is a new feature film, written and directed by David Blyth, New Zealand's controversial cult / horror auteur. (Angel Mine, Death Warmed Up, and recent festival hit documentaries Bound for Pleasure and Transfigured Nights).

A Supernatural Horror Film, set against a backdrop of Internet web cameras, explores the dark worlds of mental illness, incest, revenge and death. Wound is reinterpretation of the Demeter-Proserpine mythological story (mother having to save her child from the clutches of Hades).

We follow the ghostly Tanya as she searches for the mother she has never met -- a mother (Susan) who gave her up for dead after being abused by her own father. After committing suicide, Tanya returns to confront and possess Susan with all her deepest fears and desires, sending Susan into a state of madness and gore filled retribution.

Wound Reviews

"Nothing is as it seems as mental disintegration reins supreme"

Scary Minds

"sure to become a cult classic" - Cine Du Monde on Facebook

"It's not often a trailer drops and makes us speechless." - Dread Central

"A welcomed return to David Blyth to the genre and I canÂ’t wait to see what he has in store for us next." - Horror-Movies.ca